Easy-to-use smartphone app that keeps your conversations private with end-to-end encryption. Send and receive messages with your smartphone and communicate safely with co-workers, partners and customers. The server platform that enables secure mobile communication with Talk and Message. 

Use our cloud service or get your own enterprise installation. Integrate Dynamic Encryption into your hardware or software application and get the most superior protection of your data.

Talk protects your smartphone conversations with state-of-the-art Dynamic Encryption on non-secure digital infrastructure such as WiFi hotspots, mobile networks and satellite links.

Talk is a Common Criteria certified, user-friendly smartphone application delivered from App Store, Google Play or a Mobile Device Management system (MDM).

Message protects your smartphone instant messaging with state-of-the-art Dynamic Encryption of non-secure digital infrastructure such as WiFi hotspots, mobile networks and satellite links. Message is a user-friendly smartphone application supporting text messaging and content sharing. Available from App Store, Google Play and Mobile Device Management systems (MDM).

The Server System provides the infrastructure that enables secure mobile communication using the Talk and Message smartphone applications. Server System is Common Criteria certified and is available as an enterprise solution for organisations requiring full control of all parts of their communication solution or as a cloud service.

In an Enterprise solution, the Server System is deployed on virtual machines and managed within the IT environment of your organisation for full control of operations and user management.

Deployed by our personnel and delivered as a turn-key solution ready for use, the Server System is also offered as a cloud service hosted by us for fast rollout and a minimum of overhead costs.


Secure voice call set-up

Secure message routing

Secure activation of end-users

Audit and event logs

Trusted connections using TLS1.2

Mutual authentication

Common Criteria-certified (ISO 15408) at EAL2+

Dencrypt Control Center — web-based management tool

       ◦ Role-based administration

       ◦ User management

       ◦ Call group and phonebook management

       ◦ User revocation

       ◦ Certificate management

       ◦ Call statistics

       ◦ System status dashboard