Public security emerges as a vital component of most extreme significance in our social orders. Based on the certainty that public wellbeing offices rouse in residents, the appropriate and important structure is worked for the advancement of all sort of local area exercises, prompting the social, monetary and human improvement of urban communities, and ultimately the general public.

That is the reason a full responsibility from every one of the officials and units of each open security office is an unquestionable requirement, to take their day by day works to the most significant levels of productivity, administration and coordination: police offices, people on call, ambulances, fire detachments… It isn’t being talked about how fundamental the radio correspondence frameworks supporting these associations are, taking into consideration continuous trade of crucial data and strategic interchanges.

KRIKEL is glad to convey state of the art radio frameworks and answers for meet the interchanges prerequisites of any open security organization, paying little heed to the degree, regardless of whether neighborhood, territorial or public. The experience and skill got in the course of the most recent 40 years, collaborating with public security associations around the world, empower us to have a particular vision of the fundamental prerequisites of the fragment, to foster the best technique and answers for satisfy the objectives of each venture.


KRIKEL’s public wellbeing arrangements cover the following administrations:

Crucial voice interchanges, both individual and gathering calls, with various authorizations and call needs to ensure that the basic calls will advance under any conditions.

Basic information transmission, among conveyed units and from/to the control community.

GPS situating and ‘Programmed Vehicle Location (AVL)’ applications, with programmed and intermittent transmission of position to the control place.

Control place for concentrated administration and coordination, with applications to oversee crucial information and voice correspondences, geographic data frameworks (GIS) and GPS situating and episode related data stockpiling and taking care of.

Fixed and versatile video access structure the control community, with new age vehicular control center outfitted with camcorders and fixed cameras put in essential focuses.

Admittance to outside information bases from units and groups conveyed, for counseling tag numbers, driver’s licenses, ID numbers…

Vehicular control center to oversee voice, information, video and portable office applications from vehicles and ambulances

End to End Encryption (E2EE) for voice and information interchanges.