A Seamless Unified Communications Solution, On One Device

Radio IP is a series of integrated technologies to offer a single solution: to enable a more effective communication through well-known features like Push-To-Talk, messaging, data service, worker safety features and GPS location tracking over IP.


LINX is a complete solution providing the application, a back office dashboard and specialized equipment. First, the LINX application offers you all the functions of a professional traditional radio: group calls, individual calls, messages, status messages, priority calls, encryption, call history, voice recording, GPS data, data transfer (files, pictures, video) and statistics.


Each user has predefined login data which secures the system from a third party interference. You are always protected, The encryption functionality closes the circle for your safety. The recording of all voice, data and GPS information allows you to review any activities of the past.


LINX simplifies the usage of all business critical communication functions into one system. Through all the benefits of mobile technologies and because of its simple, intelligent and innovative guidance, you can activate each function with only three steps. You won’t need any training and you can start using the system immediately.


IP connectivity using the lowest bandwidth ensures your accessibility and reachability under even the worst conditions and environments worldwide. Using the highest technology standards, we make sure that you can communicate securely with the best quality anytime and from anywhere.