Cyber Security

KRIKEL online protection arrangements permits alleviating the steadily expanding digital dangers, keeping away from breaks that could hamper basic frameworks and, thusly, the general wellbeing, everything being equal. In this sense, quality norms are additionally being focused towards the foundation and use of Data Security The board Frameworks, an idea on which ISO 27001 is based, a standard whose Krikel ‘s consistence is authorize.

Dangers come from fluctuated vectors and channels, increasing the probability that the basic foundations might be influenced at some point during their life cycle, in this manner, firewall security, encryption, antimalware, solidifying and others related are an unquestionable requirement. Furthermore, checking administration, upheld by a Security Operations Center (SOC), empowers thorough investigation of safety data to forestall assaults and immediately respond to startling framework conduct.


Develop and use organizational understanding to manage cyber security risk to systems. Understanding the operational context and cyber security risks enables organizations to focus and prioritise its efforts.


Design and implement safeguards to limit the impact of potential events on critical infrastructures, and thus ensure their envisaged delivery and contain the negative effects of a potential cyber security event.


Implement activities to identify the occurrence of cyber security events. This can include continuous monitoring and detection processes, developed for the timely discovery of any anomalies.


Take appropriate and effective action following a cyber security event, with the aim of containing the impact of it. Response planning, quick communication and mitigation could be used to drive the Respond function.


Penetration Testing


Security Surveillance


Patching and Antimalware Updating


Security Assessment & Consulting